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  The International Congress Autism-Europe Lisboa 2003
Lisbon Congress Centre, 14, 15 and 16 November 2003, in the scope of the European Year of Persons with Disabilities
"Dreams guide life"

It was jointly organised by:
International Association Autism-Europe, founded in 1983, is a non governamental organisation (NGO) without profit, vice-president of the European Disability Forum (EDF), member of the Platform of the Social European NGOs.
Autism-Europa ensures the effective liaison between 83 member associations of parents and persons with autism, national and regional, from 31 European countries and the European Union, governments and European and International institutions (
APPDA, Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo, founded in 1971, private institution of social solidarity (IPSS), non governmental organisation of development, without profit, vice-president of Autism-Europe, member of the Federação Portuguesa do Autismo (

The Congress was organised with the very valuable support of IACAPAP (International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Allied Professions) and the active participation of its President Prof.Helmut Remschmidt.

Scientific Committee of Honour:
Prof and Dr.Catherine Barthélémy, Ernesto Caffo, Simon Baron Cohen, Eric Fombonne, Uta Frith, Joaquin Fuentes, Judith Gould, Francesca Happé, Peter Hobson, Patricia Howlin, Rita Jordan, Ami Klin, Catherine Lord, Theo Peeters, Helmut Remschmidt, Bernadette Rogé, Herman van Engeland, Rutger Van der Gaag, Fred Volkmar, Lorna Wing, Michele Zapella

Programme Committee, Chairperson Dr.Joaquin Fuentes:
Prof:Paula Freitas, Rutger Van der Gaag, Rita Jordan, Pilar Levy, Paul Shattock and Paul Tréhin as parents representative from Autisme-Europe.

Committee of Honour: Chairperson President of Portuguese Republic, Dr.Jorge Sampaio,
Maria José Ritta, first lady, Dr.Bagão Felix, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare; DrªMaria Teresa Vasconcelos Caeiro, Secretary of State of Social Welfare; Dr. Pedro Santana Lopes, Mayor of Lisbon, Dr.José Lino Marques, Civil Governor of Lisbon; DrªCristina Louro, National Secretary for the Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities, Mr.Yannis Vardakastanis, President of European Disability Forum (EDF), Mr.Pat Matthews, President of the World Autism Organisation, Dr.Ilda Figueiredo, representing the Disability European Parlamentary Intergroup, Mr.Henrique Mendonça, President of Confederação Nacional dos Organismos de Deficientes (CNOD), Dr.Mário Soares, member of the European Parlamient, Prof.Drª Maria de Lourdes Levy, Prof.Dr.António Gomes Pedro, Prof.DrªTeresa Ambrósio, Eng.Clara Lains, Dr.José Carlos Almeida Gonçalves, founder of APPDA, Mr.Manuel Freire, author of the music of Pedra Filosofal (O sonho comanda a vida),
Presidents of APPDA-Lisboa, APPDA-Norte, APPDA-Coimbra, APPDA-Viseu, APPDA-S.Miguel and Santa Maria.

Organising Committee:
Donata Vivanti, Autism-Europe President, Isabel Cottinelli Telmo, Autism-Europe Vice President, Gilbert Huyberechts, Autism -Europe honorary treasurer, Prof.Dr.Carlos Nunes Filipe, Eng.Fernando Seabra, Drª Maria Paula Figueiredo, Iolanda Maçanita from APPDA.

Living with Autism
The session of the answers to the questions put forward by parents in the AE Forum of the European Year site had been chaired by Prof.Remschmidt and had the participation of Prof.Dr.Ami Klin, Eric Fombonne, Patricia Howlin and the President of Autism-Europe, DrªDonata Vivanti.

Lisboa 2003 in numbers
The "7º International Congress Autism-Europe Lisboa 2003" hosted 1.155 delegates coming from 54 countries in all the world: 30 countries from Europe, 7 countries from Asia, 7 countries from America, Australia, 9 countries from Africa. Plus about one hundred of guests and invited personalities.

There had been 19 video projections from 11 countries and a total of 86 posters from 23 countries. Brazil had 12 posters; Portugal and Italy were next with 11 each.

There had been a photography exhibition and another one of drawings at the exhibition hall.